Professor Moore Replies to Supplemental Questions for the Record: The Effects of CAFA

On February 27th, 2015, Professor Patricia Moore, faculty adviser of the JCL, testified before Congress about the effects of CAFA and the current state of class actions in the United States. Subsequently, Professor Moore responded to questions for the record that were submitted to her after the hearing “The State of Class Actions After the Enactment of…



  For nearly two decades alternative dispute resolution has been the vehicle of choice in resolving legal disputes.[1]  Arbitration in particular has grown substantially and appears to be the resolution of choice for almost every industry.[2]  Many critics including scholars, judges, and consumers alike have protested the use of arbitration, claiming it waives plaintiffs’ right…


Is Student Debt Dischargeable? Navigating through the Maze

Astonishingly, student debt is currently at 1.3 trillion dollars.[1]  The question presented is, with 13.7 percent of students in default,[2] and eight percent of students with higher education, making up the unemployment rate,[3] is bankruptcy an option?  It is common knowledge that student loans are not dischargeable through bankruptcy procedures.  However, this is not accurate….

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Parallel Proceedings Invite Unfair Settlement Agreements

White-collar crime typically involves parallel (simultaneous or successive) proceedings in various forums, such as: civil, criminal, administrative, and regulatory proceedings.[1]  Federal and state agencies are delegated the authority to bring parallel proceedings against the same individual or corporate defendant.  The bedrock for parallel proceedings is to seek justice efficiently and economically, thereby reducing the amount…

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Home Depot: Is Disclosure of Your Financial Information an Injury?

In our modern, technologically dependent society, one growing and major concern many individuals share is how to protect their personal information from getting into the hands of the wrong person.[1]  Over the last few years, data-protection litigation has grown exponentially, in part due to consumers having their information stolen from corporate databases, often with the…


Welcome to the St. Thomas Journal of Complex Litigation

Welcome to the St. Thomas Journal of Complex Litigation’s website. The Journal is a student-run law review tailored exclusively to covering the topics in the field of complex litigation, including: mass torts, class actions, multi-district litigations, electronic discovery, and other dynamic areas of litigation practice that frequently affect complex litigations. Our mission is to publish…

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